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What is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University 4.0 is an exclusive community where you'll have private access to:

  • Copywriting,

  • E-commerce,

  • Amazon FBA,

  • Freelancing,

  • Crypto & NFT's,

  • Stocks and Options,

  • and much MORE.

Every professor inside Hustlers University is verified by Andrew Tate personally.And each one of them is making anywhere from $10k to $500k a month
in their select field.

hustlers university student justin waller with andrew tate

"My thoughts on Hustlers University are nothing but positive.Yes, it requires hard work and dedication but it WORKS.The only thing that separates you from making nothing and making money is:Your WORK ETHIC."- Hustlers University Student, Justin Waller

Is Hustlers University a Scam?

We currently have over 200,000 students KEEPING their subscription.This means that they are making MORE MONEY than they have invested into Hustlers University 4.0 and have decided to stay.

Is Hustlers University a scam? Hustlers University member count



1) Will these methods work even if I don't have a lot of time?Yes, of course. Our methods work for anybody, regardless of your current personal situation. As long as you have internet access, and an hour a day, you'll make money with them.2) Can I Make Money Even With $0?Yes, inside Hustlers University 4.0 we teach modern wealth creation methods that require $0 to get started. Even if you spend your last money to enroll, you will be able to make money using the resources and lessons provided in Hustlers University 4.03) Does it work if my English isn't very good?If you managed to read these words, the answer is: Yes.4) Do I need to be over 18?There is no age limit, it all depends on you and how much effort you are willing to put in. Our youngest student is 13 years old.5) I heard the price is going to increase, is that true?Yes, currently you can get access to Hustlers University 4.0 (The Real World) for $49 USD before the entry fee goes back up to $147 USD.6) Can I Cancel at any Time?Yes, you may cancel your membership whenever you wish here.7) Is Hustlers University closed?Yes and No, Hustlers University 4.0 has rebranded to "The Real World."All learning materials, professors, chat rooms, Andrew Tate himself and much more is now available in The Real World.More information below...8) What is The Real World and is Hustlers University the same or are they different?The Real World is Step 2. The better version of Hustlers University. Completely outside of the matrix, so we can teach wealth creation methods never taught before in HU...All existing HU students will have FREE access to The Real World as long as they keep their HU subscription ($49 monthly) active.More information here: The Real World9) I'm already a Hustlers University 4.0 (The Real World) student, where can I log in?If you're already a student you can log in here.Or Download The Real World App for Mobile and Desktop.If you have any more questions ask the live chat.

Welcome to The Real World

Hustler's University is now officially The Real World.A completely Matrix independent platform where we teach you how to make money in the digital age.

Therefore, all entries via the Hustler's University portal are closed.

New entries are only available via The Real World portal.

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